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Plans for 2012

We are just embarking upon a project to improve further our standards of cross infection control. Recent Department of Health guidelines have identified 'Essential Standards' with which we already comfortably comply, but we are keen to achieve 'Best Practice' and this requires a dedicated decontamination room.
Currently all instruments used in the mouth are cleaned in an ultrasonic bath, rinsed, inspected, dried and then placed in an airtight bag by the nurses before being sterilised in a vacuum autoclave under pressure for nearly an hour. The most recent improvements have lead to lots more expense as there is far more use of 'consumables': gloves, masks, sterilsation bags etc, and we have had to purchase more instruments to ensure we don't run short whilst the dirty ones are re-processed. In addition we use a good quantity of disposable equipment which cannot be reused.
We are now beginning to plan towards the addition of more space at the rear of the building in the form of a small extension to accomodate a decontamination room where standards can be moved up another level. This will include a glorified dishwasher (washer/disinfector) and will allow us to store all instruments outside of the surgery which becomes progreessively more like an operating theatre!

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